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laconica . music , shortly

micro-miniatures from 1 second before 1 minute

author of the project:
Composer Oleg Paiberdin.

•    Today the world is quickly disappearing situation    •    But incapacity to speak about future exactly and certainly is not justification for silence    •    It is the better to have imagination and inspiration, then “to be right”    •    Future comes rapidly, therefore the aim of the project is some test for personal concentration of attention and reception of extremely compressed works    •    We run not to amusement but we flow rapidly to extreme creative effort not only for composers but for audiance as well.

composition details:
Every work of the project is composed as a cycle of some miniatures. Every miniature of the cycle takes no more then 1 minute, but the cycle takes no more then 5 minutes. This is the main condition of the project, which have kept by composers of the project.

All works are written for this project using or Trio [soprano, alto-saxophone, piano], or Flute quartet.

the concert program:

Thierry Blondeau [Strasburg]—“Ohefor 4 flutes;

Anatoly Boyarsky [Tel-Aviv]—“The sign of endlessnessfor soprano, alto-saxophone and piano;

Anatoly Boyarsky—“Scetch in the manner of Rococofor 4 flutes;

Olga Vedenkina [Nizhny Novgorod]—“Reflectionsfor 4 flutes;

Olga Viktorova [Yekaterinburg]—“Three piecesfor piano;

Vyacheslav Yesakov [Moscow]—“Choral variationfor 4 flutes;

Dmitry Kitsenko [Kharkov]—“Ikonicafor 4 flutes;

Dmitry Kitsenko—“Triptikh with shadowfor soprano, alto-saxophone and piano;

Artur Liss [Yekaterinburg]—“Five piecesfor piano;

Nikolay Morozov [St.-Petersburg]—“Make the only gulpfor soprano, alto-saxophone and piano;

Nikolay Morozov—“The ribbon of Myobiusfor 4 flutes;

Oleg Paiberdin [Yekaterinburg]—“Three microminiaturesfor soprano and piano;

Sergey Pilyutikov [Kiev]—“Shadows on glassfor 4 flutes;

Anton Rovner [Moscow]—“Musica laconica-2for 4 flutes;

Yelena Samarina [Yekaterinburg]—“Naigryshifor piano;

Yelena Samarina—“Two piecesfor piano;

Marina Shmotova—“Room Simphonyfor soprano, alto-saxophone and piano;

Benn White [Oslo]—“Roundfor 2 flutes;

Alexander Shchetinsky [Kharkov]—“The Sermon on the Mountfor soprano, alto-saxophone and piano.

Vocal-instrumental trio—Svetlana Krupina [soprano], Ilya Koptev [alto-saxophone], Natalya Vzdornova [piano]; Boehm-quartetPolina Ugodnikova [flute, piccolo-flute], Natalya Knyazkova [flute], Natalya Penzina [flute], Anastasiya Savenkova [flute, alto-flute].

time and place:
The Chamber Hall of the Ural State Philharmony [Yekaterinburg]. October 26, 2004.

Author of the project's name—composer Boris Filanovsky.

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